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Sober living for women Dana Point, CA

Sober Living for Women

Wings of Hope Sober Living has two structured sober living homes located in Capistrano and San Clemente, California. Our sober living homes are very affordable, clean and managed with on site recovery staff.  For those who are serious about their recovery from drug addiction, alcoholism, dual-diagnosis or depression, we offer you strength, hope, support and accountability. We know what you are going through, and are here to help.

Sober Living for Men Orange County CA

Sober Living for Men

Wings of Hope Sober Living offers a gorgeous home for men only in San Clemente, CA and a beautiful home for women only in Capistrano Beach, CA.

Wings of Hope Sober Living is all about regaining your balance. Our sober living homes help both men and women find their footing in life as they confront the challenges in their environment during post-drug rehab or alcohol rehab. For many recovering individuals there are duties and responsibilities to address to continue moving forward in their recovery. Temptations may still need to be identified and processed effectively to maintain a healthy sobriety. We can help. Wings of Hope Sober Living homes are a safe, alcohol / drug-free environment to reside with others who are going through similar experiences. We also assist our residents in taking responsibility for their lives, learning to trust in themselves and others again, and how to live a clean and sober life.

Our sober living home in San Clemente is for men only. You can see images of our San Clemente Men’s sober living home in the image tour below:

Living Sober

While it is simple to live a sober life, we know it isn’t always easy. Wings of Hope Sober Living will provide you with the basic necessities and the tools to build the foundation you need to find your own unique path to health. Living sober is a matter of life or death. We are here to help you save your life and rediscover the happiness, peace and joy inherent in all of us.


The safety of its residents is of the utmost importance for Wings of Hope Sober Living. We provide a structured living environment, and maintain a strict zero-tolerance policy for those who are unwilling to abide by our rules. Drug use, violent behavior, unwanted guests and other potential sources for conflict are all strictly forbidden in Wings of Hope Sober Living. Our homes are dedicated to help you make a successful transition from being new in recovery to a confident and successful sober individual ready to live once again in mainstream society with your family and friends.

Sober Living for Women

Wings of Hope Sober Living is a safe haven for all female residents, with spacious, comfortable and clean social areas to enjoy. Women gain tremendous support from each other, including assistance looking for work, attending after-programs or school, and much more.

House Amenities

  • Clean Linens & Bedding
  • Paper Goods
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Library of recovery material
  • Cable TV
  • Internet & Printer
  • Random Substance Testing
  • Offsite Counseling is available
  • Education & Life Skills if needed
  • Court Liaison for legal matters
  • Resources for Medical or Psychological Issues
  • Outpatient programs and counseling available

Contact Us for Residency

Do you have questions about our Sober Living homes and what we have to offer? Please call us at (949) 310-6824 or 949-637-3538 or send us an email through the contact form below.

Short-term and long-term sober living residencies are welcome. All individuals who are on the recovery path are welcome.

We look forward to welcoming you into our home!

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Homes Located in Beach Cities, San Clemente, CA