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OxyContin Users Turning to Heroin

Turning to Heroin

heroin drug usage

Both are opiates; both are addictive; both can cause death – that is what OxyContin and Heroin have in common. For some years, OxyContin addiction did not have the same stigma attached to it as heroin; after all, the powerful painkiller was prescribed by a doctor. Heroin was thought of as a “hard core” drug, used by serious addicts only – the kind of thing only people living on “Skid Row” would do. The lines have now been crossed and the rise in heroin use continues.

Heroin Usage Rises in United States

A surprising spike in heroin use is being seen across the U.S.A. The spike is due, in part, to the fact that people who had been using and addicted to OxyContin are now switching to heroin for a couple of reasons:

  • Heroin is more accessible; OxyContin requires a prescription from a physician to legally obtain the drug
  • Heroin is less expensive; OxyContin (purchased on the street) can cost as much as $50 per pill

The insidious drug (heroin) is finding its way into what has been considered mainstream society; which represents a potentially huge health problem prix viagra 20. OxyContin users must be aware of the dangers this drug represents to themselves, their family and society as a whole.

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